Script to transform with saxon .net

Nice DOS script to transform the most recent xml file in a directory, using net.sf.saxon.Transform

REM Script to call Saxon xslt Parser for most recent file in XML directory and save results to HTML/Output.html
rem get the latest file in the XML directory
for /f "delims=" %%i in ('dir /od /b *.xml') do (
	Set recentXMLFile=%%i
CD ..
Set xmlFile="XML\%recentXMLFile%"
Set xsltFile=GU_UI_NoNULLv2.xslt
Set outFile=HTML\Output.html
java -cp saxonHE9-8-0-8j\saxon9he.jar net.sf.saxon.Transform -t -s:%xmlFile% -xsl:%xsltFile% -o:%outFile% --suppressXsltNamespaceCheck:on
IF ERRORLEVEL 1 goto :bad  
REM now open the html file
start "" %outFile%
goto :end
REM deal with error level
echo A Bad Thing Happened

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