Hello world! goodbye Joomla!

We’ll after many years on Joomla 1.7, I’ve had to give in as it’s a leaky as a leaky thing, and I’ve been hacked twice now.

Why anyone would want to do this is beyond my wonder really, it’s only a small blag with no importance and must be pretty easy to hack.

However I have learned something out of this:

  • htaccess is a nasty file and you need to keep it well protected.
  • put well difficult passwords on your ftp account and your MySQL account.
  • don’t use an “admin” user id for admin!
  • pick a CRM or Blog platform that you can keep up to date with latest version and take regular backups.

So with that in mind I’ve plunged for the latest version of WP and it seems much much easier to use than Joomla.

So get ready for lots of changes in Themes over the next few months until I get bored with them and probably stick to the first one that I’ve used! ha.