Formatting JIRA Issues List with XSL

I use JIRA allot but I don’t like how it formats it’s Issues List, and I’d rather provide my own formatting.

Now I believe you can apply templates to the actual JIRA website if you are an administrator, or if you know one, but in many occasions you might be out on a client site where you can’t do this.

However all is not lost you can simply Export the List as XML and work on it independently with XSL.

Jira Export to XML


I’ve created some XSL that will transform the XML into a nice webpage with comments included in the list.

Before you can apply the XSL you need to remove the top 11 line of the XML as this contains stuff you don’t need and that interferes with the XSLT process.

 more +11 %recent% > MyJiraReport.xml

Then you use msxsl.exe to transform you xml into a html file.

 msxsl.exe MyJiraReport.xml JiraIssues.xsl -o MyJiraReport.html 

You can download msxsl.exe from here

I’ve created a small DOS batch file that will do all this for you, it even picks up the most recent xml file in your download area. The xsl is there too.

Once opened in Chrome you can Print -> Save to PDF, and your report comes out really nice.

Patently, as this is html you can add all sorts of nice CSS to it. At the moment it’s quite plain but I’ve left a comment in the XSL,  so you can put the CCS reference in, if you want.


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