System DSN on Windows 2008r2 64 bit

Setting up a 32bit VB/Oracle app on a Win2008r2 64bit OS/Server can prove to be problematic.

Heres a link to my discussionfrom the Oracle OTN forum.

The key is using the windows 32 bit panel here c:\windows\sysWOW64\odbcad32.exe to create your connections using the Oracle 32 bit client/driver.

In addition theres a gotcha where you may have to configure, rather than add, an existing System DSN connection to get it to work.


Updated 8 May 2013:

ODBC connections can be very finnicky regarding white space. When creating a DSN make sure there is no whitespace at the end of the DSN Alias! It sounds stupid, and it is yes, but this can take a while to figure out 🙁

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