If you put this file in your user profile directory (~) it will give you nice colours, make the back key work and set up user defined variables for your session. This is for a Sybase oriented app server.

create a file called .bashrc, then copy in this code


export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin/:/usr/ucb/:/usr/sbin/:/usr/local/sbin/

# Set Sybase environment variables
export SYBASE=/opt/sybase/DBAsdk014
export SYBASE_OCS=OCS-15_0
export PATH=/opt/sybase/DBAsdk014/OCS-15_0/bin:$PATH
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/sybase/DBAsdk014/OCS-15_0/lib:/opt/sybase/DBAsdk014/OCS-15_0/lib3p64:/opt/sybase/DBAsdk014/OCS-15_0/lib3p:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
export INCLUDE=/opt/sybase/DBAsdk014/OCS-15_0/include:$INCLUDE
export LIB=/opt/sybase/DBAsdk014/OCS-15_0/lib:$LIB

# Default Apps Setup
export HOSTNAME=`hostname`

# Locale for Sybase
export LC_ALL

# Set term
#export TERM=vt100
export TERM=dtterm

# Set erase character
stty erase ^?
stty erase ^h

# Colourise term
export PS1='\[\e[36;1m\]\u@\[\e[32;1m\]\H:\w# \[\e[0m\]'</p>'</p>'</p> <p># Call set up for title bar</p> <p>source ~/.titlebar</p>'

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